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    A collaborative model to disrupt the traditional way of doing business based on the fundamental principles of co-operation, co-development and mutual trust!

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    Reinventing India

    Business India club is a cross border community of individuals and organisations interested to do business with India. The club is a curation of members from different fields and backgrounds, a web of trust and new ideas!


    A network of entrepreneurs spread across Europe and India!

    Strategic Partnerships

    To Solve the innovation challenge

    Get access to trusted service and facility providers, local market knowledge, domain experts, distribution channels, mentors and special offers from our partners.

    Networking opportunities

    Exclusively for members

    Networking opportunities through dinners and cocktails around various themes, in great locations, and with rare people!

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    The market place

    Get access to our opportunity board, where you can post your requirements and at the same time reply to other opportunites posted by members!

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    Join Euro-India's most powerful cross border business network


    Annual charges for members, will be reviewed in Jan 2017

    1000 €

    Annual membership charges for institutions / sponsors

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